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Calling all coaches! Want to coach Austin Anarchy? Here's your chance!

Austin Anarchy Roller Derby

Mission Statement

Austin Anarchy is a 501c3 non-profit open gendered roller derby league based in Austin, Texas. We strive to advance the sport of roller derby by providing an inclusive environment for competitive athleticism. Austin Anarchy is committed to professionalism and camaraderie; placing focus on engaging our league members, our officials, our fans and our supporting community with courtesy and respect.

We are a skater operated flat-track roller derby league and proud members of the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA).

Anarchy vs Oklahoma • November 13th, 2022 • Austin, TX

Austin Anarchy Travel Team
Oklahoma A Team
Austin Anarchy & Oklahoma A Team

Help us get Bartholomew Roller Derby Track Covered!

Cover for Austin Anarchy  Roller Derby
Austin Anarchy  Roller Derby

Austin Anarchy Roller Derby

Austin Anarchy is a 501c3 Roller Derby league based in Austin, Texas. ya’ll means ALL.

Are y’all watching @yallstarstournament in beautiful Louisiana? You’ll catch some of our Anarchy fam, coaching, playing AND reffing, what a multifaceted group we have 🥰👌🏽 Find @colonelangus79 in the stripes! Catch @ahsinity #FREIGHTTRAIN with the talented @blackdiasporaderby! See @lelith_hespersmax do the Coach duties with the debut of @transrollersunited ! And last but not least, our captain @terrellac #ICECOLE coaching @teamphilippines_rollerderby AND playing with the beast that IS-@beastsiderollerderby LETS GOOOO TEAM! we will be cheering on as the remainder of the tourney continues into tomorrow evening. See y’all on twitch! .....#yallstars #rollerderby #whoarewe #beastside #blackdiaspora #transunited #TRU #yallmeansall #texas #austintexas #teamphilippines #teamstripes #anarchy See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Austin Anarchy  Roller Derby
Hey! ya like coffee? What kinda question is that…? Tea? Chai? COOKIES? Check out our link in comments for our @givingbean fundraiser! in case you haven’t noticed, we really really are trying to help our team get to New Hampshire. These flights are not the most fun rates for us down south, so anything helps! click our fundraiser tab on Instagram for other options! Thank you so much for supporting Anarchy Roller Derby!! ....#coffee #fundraising #tea #mrda See MoreSee Less
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To our fellow Anarchy fam, pushing the talent across the state 🥰😍 See MoreSee Less
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